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Caring For your doors


Stainless steel Mesh security doors is 10 years on mesh & frame. Xguard Mesh security doors is 5 years on mesh & frame. Diamond grill doors is 1 year on grill & frame. Does not cover malicious damage.




Just as washing your car is important for removing dirt and grime, your AJ’s Security Doors & screens also needs to be given a regular wash to keep it looking good. The effects of exposure to UV light, atmospheric pollution, general dirt, grime and airborne salt deposits can accumulate over time and should be removed at regular intervals depending on the environment. The aim is to keep the screen as clean as possible to reduce the risk of any damage occurring to the product.

The steps to cleaning your AJ’S Security door are:

  • Remove any loose deposits with a wet sponge.

  • Use a soft brush and mild detergent in warm water to remove dust, salt or other deposits.

  • Rinse thoroughly with clean fresh water to remove any remaining detergent etc.

Please note: AJ’S Security Doors Direct Pty Ltd does not take any responsibility for any damage caused to the powder coating, if the cleaning (as stated above) is not carried out. If the purchaser requests an inspection, the purchaser will be responsible for any callout and cleaning charges.



Mild Environment - Being rural and over 20km from the coast
                                 To be cleaned within 6 months (intervals)

Moderate Environment - Being between 10km - 20km from the coast
                                 To be cleaned within 3 months (intervals)

Tropical Environment - Being coastal, within 10km of the Australian coast where pollutants and salt deposits are more prevalent
                                 To be cleaned every 2 - 4 weeks (intervals)


REGULAR LUBRICATION OF LOCKS (at least every 3 months)

In order for AJ’S Security Products to provide the customer with a long lasting locking system to doors and windows, we recommend that customers should lubricate the locks (as often as suggested above) in all mechanically moving positions in order for the lock to move freely and reduce the chances of any problems occurring. We recommend using a product called INOX, which can be purchased from any good hardware store. In areas where pollutants are more prevalent, such as areas close to the beach and industrial areas, lubrication should be carried out more frequently.

The suggested cleaning intervals stated above are only a guide and in some areas earlier attention may be required.

The AJ’s Security doors Warranty will be void if general maintenance, as stated above, is not carried out.

The AJ’s Security doors Warranty does not provide for any fault arising out of obvious damage, misuse, removal or installation performed other than by an authorised AJ's Installer.

The purchaser of the security products must ensure that the above maintenance has been carried out before calling AJ’S Doors & Screens Direct to arrange a Warranty call. If the customer fails to do so, a Service charge may apply.

All Service calls, after the initial 12-month Warranty expires, are charged at the current service charge rate per call-out. Extra labour and materials are charged if required.

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